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Caraselle Direct is one of the foremost departmental stores that specialized in supplying of finest Clothes Care since 1982 that give our customer a 100% satisfaction Caraselle Direct have a wide range of Home Clothes care such as Cloth Hangers, Heat Protection and Oven Gloves, Handy Gadgets, Laundry Net Wash Bags, Stain Removers, Drying & Airers, Acid Free Tissue Papers, Garment covers, Acana, Moth Control, Moth Detergents, Pet Hair removers, Designer Lint roller & Brushes, Trident Lint Rollers, Bathroom shower curtains, Bathroom Bath bridges, Plug & Sink traps, Towel Rails, Shower / Bath Cleaners, other accessories and much more. Caraselle Direct is giving our customer a risk free guarantee on purchasing of all Caraselle direct products and further we provide Caraselle Direct Discount Code and Caraselle Direct Voucher Code on buying quality Garment rails, clothes covers, Hangers and Moth Killers & pet hair remover solutions alongwith free guide of how to get rid of moths.The customer can order online by simply dialing 08000 199 309 or email at info@caraselledirect on all working days from Monday to Friday 09:00am to 06:00pm. The caraselle direct also give 10% off on making first order on all of the Caraselle Direct products.

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